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Regiment History

March 1986 - present

July 13-14 2002;

REGT presented with new Standard the old Standard and Guidon laid up in Lone Pine Chapel Robertson Barracks.


Nov 2002;

MAJGEN Powell opens 1AR Association Memorial in Puckapunyal Ave Robertson Barracks.


Nov –Dec 2002;

C SQN to revert to ARA Manning.


Jan 2003;

HQ SQN to be re raised.


May 2003;

Elements of C SQN arrive in Puckapunyal for RMC Exercise Beersheba.


July – Oct 2003;

Regiment participates in EX Predators Gallop and Croc 03.


Jan – Feb 2004;

EX Southern Leopard held in Cultana vehicles moved via rail on the new Darwin rail link


Aug 2004;

Exercise Predators Gallop held in MT Bundy training area.


Nov 2004;

Mounted Parade held to celebrate Cambrai Day.


April 2005;

C SQN deploys to USA for EX Gold Eagle SQN works with 1st Tank Battalion USMC


April 2005;

REGT support association reunion in Melbourne with the Standard.


Mid 2005;

REGT deploys for EX Talisman Sabre. To train BDE in amphibious operations.

Regt supplies members for training team in IRAQ


July 2005

Regimental Ball


February 2006 

22 Tanks move by rail to Cultana Training Area, to escape the monsoon rains.

Regt Supplies M113A1 Trained Crewmen to 5/7 RAR to serve in Timor

RAAC & RAEME Personnel new equipment training in Ft Hood Texas

Work on M1A1 Advance Gunnery Simulators for regiment begins.


September 2006

CO &RSM journey to Webb Dock Melbourne to witness the arrival of the first Abrams Tanks.


November 25 2006

The final Cambrai Mounted Parade for the Leopard Tank.

C Sqn Premier Squadron 2006


Jan 2007 

Regiment rotates through M1A1 conversion courses SOA.

40  Members of the Regt return from O’Seas deployments.


March / April

Ex Southern Reach Cultana


May 13-17

Regiment conducts Sea Trials with Abrams Tank with HMAS Manoora.


7 July 

Farewell Parade for Leopards welcome Abrams M1A1.



Stage 4 Mt Bundy.



Southern Reach 2,Cultana saw Paratus Cup conducted.



Cambrai Sports week conducted

Premier Sqn 2007 B SQN

Cambrai Trophy A SQN



March  B Sqn participates in EX Croix Du Sud   multi national exercise New Caledonia 

March, First group of Abrams trained soldiers march in from SOA

B Sqn supports 3 Bde exercise Coral

A Sqn provides on line tank ready troop

Visit By Canadian School of Armour.

Regiment conducts 31 internal courses during 2008.

Regiment Celebrates  59th Birthday

LT Bamford, SGT Shinner and CPL Harris attend EX Longlook hosted by 2 RTR

CO & RSM attend Black Hat Reunion in Canberra

Paratus Cup held during June /July

September Charlie Company 1st Tank battalion USMC arrive for  EX Golden Eagle

October A Sqn deploys to 29 Palms California  to be hosted By Charlie Company 1st Tank battalion USMC

Regt Supplies Soldiers for SOTG 8A & 8B

Paratus Cup C/S 22

Lancer Trophy 2008 C/S 2C

Premier Squadron – Operational Support Squadron



A troop deploys to Afghanistan in support of SOTG VII and SOTG IX manning Bushmaster IMV

Regiment support operations in Timor with an APC Tp.

Regiment involved in EX Diamond Dollar and Talisman Sabre.

Regiment travels to Marine Combat Centre in California for EX GOLD EAGLE.

40th Anniversary of the Battle of Binh Ba celebrated in Canberra. The Standard is paraded at the ceremony.




EX Southern Reach  Cultana.

EX Paratus Crawl Stage 4

EX Paratus Walk – Paratus Cup

Ex Paratus Run – 1 Bde  CATA

EX Hamel October / Nov 2010 Townsville

HQ vs B SQN Rugby League Match

Soldier of the year TPR Sanders

JNCO of the year COL Fox

Cambrai Trophy B SQN

Lancer Trophy C/S 22A

Paratus Cup C/S 21

Premier Squadron HQ SQN.

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