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Regiment History

March 1986 - present


Operation Slipper

Operation Mazurka

EX Southern Reach

EX Paratus Walk 1

EX Blue Diamond

Ex Talisman Sabre

Ex Paratus Walk 2

EX Matilda

October  M8246874 TPR Leo Paratus  sworn in as new unit mascot

Provides PMV Troop SOTG XIV

Provides members MTF Two Southern Afghanistan

JNCO of the Year CPL Mc Sorley

Soldier of the Year TPR E.T.Scott

Paratus Cup C/S 11

Cambrai Trophy B SQN

Lancer Trophy C/S 21C

1AR Wins CAV Cup 2011

Regiment trials Abrams Reactive Armour Tiles (ARAT)





Launch COF

JNCO of the Year CPL Yardley

Soldier of the Year TPR Lewis

Patatus Cup C/S 22

Cambrai Trophy A SQN

Lancer Trophy C/S 11A

Premier SQN B SQN

1 AR Reunion Albury July




1AR Selected for ACR Trial as part of plan Beersheba

EX Paratus Run

EX Talisman Sabre 13

EX Gold Eagle B SQN

Members deployed to AFGHANISTAN (CTU-4) ( ATF-1)

EX MATILDA 13 Combined 1AR Singaporean Armour


 Opening of Mick Rainey MM Club.

JNCO of the Year CPL Youngs

Soldier of the Year TPR O’Shannessy

Lancer Trophy C/S 2D

Cambrai Trophy  A SQN

Paratus Cup  T13




Paratus Cup to be contested by Tank, Cav and APC Troops

Gunnery camp held at Mt Bundey

Crew led by SGT Matt Watt participated the 1st Tank Battalion USMC Tiger Cup Gunnery   Comp, placed fourth out of 15 crews.

The regiment deployed to the Bradshaw training area for the first time.

RHQ made transition into ASLAV

Mine ploughs and deep fording kits for MIAI arrive at the regiment.

Cambrai Mounted  Parade held  on Nov 21

Tanks support 2nd Cavalry Regiment Welcome parade in Townsville.

Tanks M88 ASLAV and M113AS4 prepositioned in Cultana for Ex in FEB 2015

D SQN held Cambrai Mounted Parade held  in Edinburgh SA. Parade attended by CO and RSM.

Paratus Cup won by 1 Troop B SQN

JNCO of the year LCPL Riley A SQN

Soldier of the year PTE(LCPL) Love HQ SQN

Lancer Trophy 13A

Cambrai Trophy for best gunnery SQN  B SQN 

Champion SQN 2014 D SQN.


Spent first year as the army's only Armoured Cavalry Regiment.

Regiment transitions from Reset to readying a part of Army's Force Generation Cycle.

 By July the Regiment had provided armour support to all three Combat Brigades.

Regiment participated in1st Brigades Exercise Predator's Run.

Paratus Cup and Lancer Trophy, Tank, Cavalry and APC platforms will compete.

Regimental training cell and Operations cell have designed assessment regimes to ensure that all troops and crews compete evenly despite the platform variations.

The regiment remains split between Darwin and Adelaide, the Regiment is scheduled to to co-located not before2017.

Due to exercises in South Australia in Nov 2015 and Feb 2016 the Cambrai  Parade was held in Edinburgh in 2015.

D SQN (APC) assumes history and heritage of the Regiments oldest SQN, A SQN with effect of 15 Nov 2015.

Regimental Associations hold a reunion in Albury the CO and RSM attend.

Honorary Colonel MAJGEN Roger Powell retires and replaced by MAJGEN Craig Orme.

New command team of LTCOL Gardiner and WO1 Robinson  will lead the Regiments deployment to IRAQ.This will be the first time the regiment has led a deployment in its 66 year history.

A Squadron (Tank) transfers to 2nd Cavalry Regiment.
Regiment completes Combat Team live fire certification at Cultana training area.
Regiment participates in Exercise Predators Gallop, Cultana training area.
Feb/Mar unit formed as battlegroup Lion and was tested in challenging and complex dry and live firing manoeuvre exercises.
Planning commenced to enable the regiment to raise Task Group Taji 4.
May, deployed to Cultana with the rest of 1st Brigade to partake in the final two exercisesthat concluded the "road to Hamel"
June, began exercise Predators Strike.
July ,Exercise Hamel
Over 100 members of the Regiment will deploy on Operation OKRA as the mounting HQ for task group Taji.
B & C SQNs (Tank & Cavalry) reformed as a single SQN titled " Nucleus Squadron" linking back to our past.
A SQN (APC) remains in Edinburgh.
A SQN  supports SA flood Defence Aid to the Civilian Community Task.
Regt - participates in Exercise Talisman Sabre
June, members return fromTask Group Taji-IV
The Task Group trained approx 8000 Iraqi security force personnel.
July, A & N SQN's deployed on Exercise Talisman Sabre 17 conducted in the Shoalwater Training Area.
The Regiment moved from its current ACR structure to 1 Tank SQN  and two Cavalry SQN's.
The regiment relocated from Darwin to the Edinburgh Defence Precinct, Darwin being home for the Regiment since 1995.
 Oct/Nov the Regiment moved to the new Chauvel lines.
A regimental ball and Cambrai parade to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the battle
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