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Regiment History

March 1986 - present


Mar/Apr A SQN EX North Star Tidworth UK


9 Jul

SGT Bob Murray is Killed Accidentally


4 Mar 1988;

Regt conducts Mascot Parade at Melb Zoo MA0163 TPR Paratus is promoted to CPL and subsequently retired and MOO290 TPR Paratus II is enlisted.


13 Mar 1988;

Regt exercises right to enter Seymour and at the same time lays up the Guidon.


30 May 1988;

Regt loses 55 all ranks to take part in the Bicentennial Military Tattoo which is to tour the country for six months.


18 Jun 1988;

REGT conducts a Beating of the Retreat Pde as a prelude to the Birthday Ball.


Aug-Sept 1988;

REGT departs for Woomera for EX


Oct 1988;

A SQN holds a reunion to celebrate 20 years since re forming in 1968.



Elements of the REGT take part in EX K89.


Aug 1990;

REGT participates in EX Predators Advance.


19-23 Nov 1992;

Regimental Reunion OP PARATUS conducted at Puckapunyal.


Jan 1993;

B SQN re – organized into RRES Manning.


Apr 1993;

REGT participates in EX Dead Ringer held at Puckapunyal.


Apr 1993;

REGT deploys on EX Predators Advance 1 BDE exercise at Puckapunyal.


June 1993;

1ST intake of RRES Soldiers arrive at 1st Armoured Regiment.


Nov 1993;

C/S 41 is deployed to Darwin as a Vanguard for the Regiment move in 1995.


Jan – Feb 1994;

B SQN deploys to SWBTA for EX Ready Shield.


May 1994;

C/S 41 fires first 105mm round at Mt Bundy.


Jun 1994;

A SQN deploys to Woomera for EX Desert Tiger.


Sept 1994;

Regt deploys for EX Northern Predator to Northern Territory


Jan 1995;

B SQN deploys SWBTA for EX Ready Shield in support of 6 BDE.


Jul 1995;

Regiment conducts a Mounted Parade through Melbourne for the last  time.  Immediatly after vehicles loaded for movement north.


Late 1995;

Regt participates in Brigade EX Trojan Tiger at SWBTA.


July 1996;

REGT participates in EX Northern Predator 96


Sept 1997;

Field trials for A21 concept commence.


Nov 1997;

Hannaford Simulation Centre opens in Memory of TPR Mick Hannaford.


Jan – Mar 1998;

EX Southern Leopard 3 X month long rotations to Puckapunyal for stage 4 gunnery.


June 1998;

EX  Leopard Cub / Tiger Charge.


Oct 1998;

EX Ready Leopard A SQN deployed to Townsville to conduct exercises with 2 /14 LHR and       1 & 2 RAR.


Jan – Mar 1999;

C SQN attends EX Southern Leopard, held in Puckapunyal.


May – June 1999;

EX Croc West 1 BDE Exercise.


June 1999;

REGT along with the rest of 1 BDE moves to 28 day readiness.


7 July 1999;

REGT celebrates its 50th Birthday.


May – June 2000;

Regiment participates in EX Predators Gallop, moving on board HMAS Tobruk to Townsville.


May – June 2001;

REGT participates in EX Tandem Thrust 2001.


April 2002;

Standard Paraded in Perth as part of REGT association reunion.

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