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Regiment History

February 1969 - July 1983

September 1975

First Pucka Peaks


Aug 1976;

EX Best Day is held in Singleton (NSW). This is the first time tanks have EX in NSW in 14 years.


8 Nov 1976;

First Leopard tanks arrive under union disputes as to the legal rights of wharfies to drive the tanks off the ships.


9 Nov 1976;

First Leopard recovery vehicles arrive.


20 Nov 1976;

The last ‘Centurion’ parade is held on the 59th anniversary of the Battle of Cambrai.


25 Mar 1977;

Royal Guard Canberra.


19 Jul 1977;

A Leopard demonstration is held for the press.


Sep/Oct  1977;

EX 1st Light One is conducted at Woomera. C SQN exercise with new Leopards for the first time.


28 Aug – Sept 4 1977;

Leopard Tanks are displayed in Adelaide under LT Hollingsworth.


4 Nov 1977;

A parade us held as the last Centurion departs.


9 Dec  1977;

B SQN completes the last Leopard conversion course.


Dec 1977;

A Sqn parades 14 Leopards through Melbourne for Queen’s Silver Jubilee.


23 Mar 1978;

Newspapers report that Leopard main armament rounds are faulty.


19 May 1978;

5 Officers, 1 Warrant Officer, 3 Sergeants and 96 Rank and File form part of the funeral   party for the late Sir Robert Menzies KT, AK, CH.


30 Nov 1978;

EX Locust Eater is conducted in South Australia.


13 Nov 1979;

MAO163 TPR Paratus was enlisted into the ARA as the Regimental Mascot.


Dec 1979;

Regiment Contingent deploys to Rhodesia for election monitor duties.


30 May 1980;

First Regimental Mascot Parade is held.


May 1980;

C SQN is sent on exchange to BAOR for EX North Star.


17 Jul 1980;

B SQN deploys to Shoalwater Bay Training Area for EX Safe Haven.


9 Sept 1980;

A guard is provided for the opening of the Victorian Parliament. This was noteworthy as it was the first time a Governor of Victoria had worn a military uniform during such an occasion. The Governor Sir Henry Winneke was the Hon Colonel.


Oct 1980; 

A SQN deploys to Cobar for EX Droughtmaster.


22 Apr 1981;

Prince Charles presents the REGT Standard at Puckapunyal and the Guidon is marched off for the last time and placed in the SGT’s Mess.


Cambrai Day 1981;

Kapyong  Barracks re – named Robertson Barracks after LTGEN Sir Horace Robertson.


Jul 1982;

The REGT Exercises in rotation through EX Diamond Dollar at Shoalwater Bay Training area.


Feb 1983;

REGT supports civil community in Mt Macedon area during the devastating fires. B SQN later tasked to clear up the dead sheep and becomes known as ‘B for BAA’ SQN.


22 Apr 1983;

Battle honours arrive in the mail but cannot be sewn onto the Standard because the Governor General has yet to sign approval for the battle honours to be placed on the REGT Standard. The honours are:


Vietnam 1968-1972


Hat Dich


Binh Ba




17 Jul 1983;

C SQN deploys to Shoalwater Bay Training Area for EX Diamond Dollar. Complete SQN (+) board HMAS Tobruk for voyage up and deploys from HMAS Tobruk to LCH’s for a night tactical landing. EX a success and C SQN returns to Melbourne on HMAS Tobruk.


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