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Commander's Diaries


C Squadron

11 February 1968 - 10 February 1969 

2 June 1968:

A composite troop led by 2Lt Wilson went to area of C Coy 1RAR contact.  The enemy had not returned to the area which says a lot for the shock action by the tanks during the previous engagement.


4 June 1968:

At 0322hrs two RPG's and two rockets were fired into Balmoral hitting callsign 32 and causing scouring to the mantlet.

5 June 1968:

C Sqn moved from Coral to Bearcat.  One tank was on tow and had to be unhooked at each of the seven bridges of low classification.

6 June 1968:

We had considerable mechanical difficulty on Route 15, but were all in Nui Dat by1700hrs.


7/8 June 1968:

Maintenance of all vehicles


9 June 1968:

1 Troop with D Coy 4 RAR and 3 Troop A squadron 3 Cav moved out for a day of Inf/Tank co-operation training


10 June 1968:

1 Troop continues training with 4 RAR


11 June 1968

4 RAR Inf / Tank training completed


12-15 June 1968:

Make and Mend Gunnery training continued


16 June 1968:

Operation BULLER


18-19 June 1968:

2 Troop conducted Inf / Tank co-operation training with V Coy 4 RAR at the Horseshoe.


20 June 1968

Ops instruction received for Operation Ulladulla. This was to be a comprehensive Squadron Operation.


21-25 June 1968

Preparation of vehicles, issue of orders, move out on Op Ulladulla


26 June 1968

At 0300hrs 3 Troop with 2 Troop A Sqn 3 Cav engaged several Sampans from ambush on Song Thi Vai. The squadron, with A Bty 2/35 Arty (USA) in direct support were located at FSB Stingray.


30 June 1968

Operation concluded and squadron returned to base.

































1-5 July 1968

Squadron worked on vehicles and stores after Op Ulladulla and prepared for operation Blue Mountains


6 July 1968

C Squadron deployed to area of FSB Barracuda, with A Bty 2/35 Arty deployed to Horseshoe.


6-10 July 1968

During this operation there was no contact, but a lot of the area was still navigatable for tanks. Even though the wet was setting in, there were many places we could still work in.


11-14 July 1968

Squadron remained at Nui Dat.


15 July 1968

2 Troop supported a search in conjunction with 3 Troop A Sqn 3 Cav and B Company 1RAR


16-17 July 1968

C Squadron prepared for Operation ARUNTA


18-22 July 1968

C Squadron DEPLOYED TO Xa Bang for operation ARUNTA. Returned to 1 ATF base on 22 Jul 68


23 July 1968

C Squadron escorted a 1 ATF convoy to a cordon and search of Ap Ngai Gioa. During the day a fine meal was served to 1 RAR HQ by C S quadroon


24-31 July 1968

C Squadron remained in 1 ATF base


1 August 1968

3 Troop moved to FSB Avenger with V Coy 4 RAR


2 August 1968

1 and 2 Troops, together with SHQ moved to FSB Coolah to assist in support of 3 RAR in AO’s Kimberley and Hamersley


3 August 1968

C Sqn(-) conducted RIF in vicinity of FSB Avenger. 31A hit a mine.


4 August 1968

Repairs were completed on 31A, with a suspension station and a final drive

being changed in situ. This was the largest field repair attempted by the

workshop and was very successful.


5 August 1968

2 Troop ambushed route 2, while remainder moved to FSB Avenger. At

2300hrs C Sqn were ordered to return to Nui Dat at first light.


6 August 1968

2 Troop remained at Avenger and C Sqn(-) returned to Nui Dat. On arrival

it was lwarned of a possible VC attack on Baria / Long Dien. C Sqn were to

supply two troops to assist in the defence of the area.


7 August 1968

2 Troop conduvted route forcing operations and convoy escorts from

FSB Avenger to 1ATF base.


8 August 1968

2 Troop were ambushed on route 2 by a considerable VC force. 1 Troop moved to Baria Stadium with A Coy 1 RAR, to act as a ready reaction force.


9-10 August 1968

Operations continued without contact.  


11 Aug 1968

3 Troop deployed east of Baria with C Coy 1RAR


12 Aug 1968

2LT Owens assumed command of 4 Troop awaiting the arrival of our remaining tanks from Australia


13 Aug 1968

2 Troop returned to Nui Dat from FSB Avenger


14-15 Aug 1968

Defence tasks continued in the Baria Area


16 Aug 1968

Elements of C Squadron HQ with 1 RAR HQ and B & D Coys deployed to consolidate Baria defences. A bridgelayer was bogged badly and it took all day to recover using both ARV’s


17-22 August 1968

Defence ops continued without contact until 0830hrd(22 August). 3 Tp and 1Tp were committed to long Dien with B Coy and C Coy 1 RAR. It was a successful day, even though the tanks were confined to the road. Inf /Tank co-op as taught was used and was a success. The infantry moved astride the road and indicated targets to the tanks who moved forward to engage them. The infantry were overjoyed.


23 August 1968

1Tp with B andD Coys conducted a sweep through Long Dien. Denton the dynamic duck was captured by 1 Tp and retaineda\ as a pet.


24-25 August 1968

Defence tasks continued

At 0300hrs 3 Troop with 2 Troop A Sqn 3 Cav engaged several Sampans from ambush on Song Thi Vai. The squadron, with A Bty 2/35 Arty (USA) in direct support were located at FSB Stingray.


26 August 1968

2 Tp replaced 3 Tp in Baria. 3Tp returned to Nui Dat


27 August 1968

1 Tp supported a road runner operation on Route 15,covering over 45 miles for the day.


28-29 August 1968

Defence tasks continued without contact.


30 August 1968

Elements C Sqn HQ and 1RAR HQ returned to Nui Dat from their position north of Baria.


31 August 1968

2 Tp and 1 Tp continued Ready Reaction Force (duties) in Baria.

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