Peter Joseph MOORE, MID – passed away 23 Apr 2020

Peter Joseph MOORE, MID – born on 29 February 1948 and passed away on 23 Apr 2020

Peter was born in Moreland Victoria on 29 February 1948. He was called up under National Service on 2 October 1968 and completed his recruit training at 2 Recruit Training Battalion at Puckapunyal around 11 December 1968.

Peter took the long trip up the road to Armoured Centre where he was trained as a crewman gunner signaller on the Centurion tank. On successful completion of this course he was posted to the 1st Armoured Regiment on 21 Mar 1969.

There is no doubt that he spent the next nine months on extensive squadron training as well as jungle training prior to being posted to B Squadron 1st Armoured Regiment at Nui Dat, South Vietnam on 10 December 1969. Approximately 13 days later, B Squadron was redesignated as A Squadron.

Peter served with distinction in South Vietnam and was awarded a Mentioned in Dispatches, when he performed with valour above and beyond during Operation Hammersley when he and Gary Gott dismounted from their tank on two occasions to rescue wounded by attaching the Centurion tow rope to a mortar track (M125 A1) which had been badly damaged by RPG fire. Despite their best efforts, both Cavalrymen were killed, and Gary Gott was wounded.

It is clear from many comments made on Social Media that Peter was highly respected by those with whom he served. During his service Peter was regarded as an excellent soldier, quiet and reserved, reliable and trustworthy at all times, always pitched in on crew tasks, well respected, a fine soldier, knew his job and did it without prompting.

After the Army Peter was quite active in the RSL and other community activities. He was also involved in the major reunion (1st Armoured Regiment and 3rd Cavalry Regiment) held in Melbourne in 2005.

May he rest in peace in the green fields beyond.

Russ James, Secretary 1st Armoured Regiment Association – based on information received from Defence Records, a former SSM and fellow crewman.

Thanks to Bruce Scott for the MID Citation as follows:

Lance Corporal Peter Moore enlisted as a National Serviceman on 2 October 1968. He was posted to the 1st Armoured Regiment on 4 March 1969 and joined B Squadron, 1st Armoured Regiment in South Vietnam on 9 December 1969. On 18 February 1970, Lance Corporal Moore's troop was part of an all arms group operating with C Company, 8th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment which made contact with enemy in a heavily fortified bunker system in the Long Hai Hills. During the initial fire fight, an armoured personnel carrier was hit by rocket propelled grenades from close range, its crew and passengers wounded, and the vehicle started to burn. Lance Corporal Moore's tank moved up close to the damaged armoured personnel carrier in an attempt to rescue the wounded crew and recover the carrier. Lance Corporal Moore dismounted with his crew Commander and covered by the gunner of the tank, they moved forward to the armoured personnel carrier which was five yards from two enemy bunkers, carrying a tow rope from their tank and attached it to the armoured personnel carrier. They remounted and began to tow the burning vehicle to a safe area. The tow rope slipped from the armoured personnel carrier and they again dismounted in order to secure the tow rope. During this attempt the carrier exploded as Lance Corporal Moore and his Crew Commander were four feet from it. The explosion totally destroyed the armoured personnel carrier and killed the crew. By his courageous actions, Lance Corporal Moore displayed courage and determination, in the face of enemy fire and the obvious dangers from the burning vehicle which reflect credit upon himself, his Regiment and the Australian Army.