Norman Leslie GREEN passed away 19 February 2020 aged 73 years.

Norman Leslie GREEN passed away on Wednesday 19 February 2020 aged 73 years.

Norm was born on 2 June 1994 in Katanning (WA). He joined the Australian Army on 5 Apr 1962 approximately 2 months prior to his 18th birthday.

Norm arrived at 1st Recruit Training Battalion (1RTB – Kapooka NSW) on 3 May 1962 and completed the normal stint of recruit training prior to being posted to 1 Forward Delivery Troop (then part of Armoured Centre) on 20 September 1962 to undergo corps training. It is believed that he started in the Corps as a Centurion tank driver.

He was posted to 1st Armoured Regiment on 28 March 1963 and spent three weeks on Exercise Tasman Four in New Zealand in late 1965.

He remained in the Regiment until posted to Detachment 1 Armoured Personnel Carrier Squadron on 17 October 1966 as an APC crew commander.

Less than two months later in December 1966, he was posted to 1 Australian Reinforcement Unit (Nui Dat, South Vietnam) for a month before joining A Squadron 3rd Cavalry Regiment on 20 January 1967.

On return to Australia on 19 Dec 1967, Norm was posted to 10th Light Horse (WA) where he remained until December 1969 when he took up a position as an Gunnery Instructor at Armoured Centre.

Norm returned to the Regiment in November 1971 and spent some time in A Squadron as well as the Troop Sergeant of RHQ Troop. Norm departed the Regiment in August 1974 for a life in 3 Army Recruiting Unit (Melbourne) before a short stint in Headquarters 3 Division Field Force Group.

Norm returned to Western Australia in January 1982 prior to being discharged as a Warrant Officer Class Two on 18 April 1982. He had completed just over 20 years-service.

Norm’s peers describe him as an approachable, well respected, and very competent senior NCO and Warrant Officer.

May he rest in peace in the green fields beyond.

Prepared by Russ James from information provided by Defence Records and friends from 50 years ago.