Dudley John TUDMAN, passed away on 16 October 2019, aged 82 years

Dudley John TUDMAN, passed away on 16 October 2019, aged 82 years

Dudley was born on 11 November 1946 in Goomeri QLD. He initially undertook National Service Training for three months in 1955 followed by 10 months in the Citizen Military Forces in 1955/56. Dudley joined the Australian Regular Army on 7 February 1956 and served for 21 years before completing a further three years in the Army Reserve.

Dudley only spent a short time (comparatively) at 1st Recruit Training Battalion from mid-February to early April 1956 prior to being posted to the 1st Armoured Regiment where he underwent Corps Training.

He was posted to the Armoured School/Armoured Centre in August 1957 and remained there until posted to 2/14 Queensland Mounted Infantry in August 1963. He remained there (redesignated as B Squadron 1 Cavalry Regiment) until posted to the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam on 22 April 1966 as a WO2 Advisor.

Dudley spent 12 months with 2/1 ARVN HQ in the Phuoc Tuy Province. On return to Australian, he was posted to the 1st Armoured Regiment for 15 months before being posted to Armoured Centre for nine (9) months, and then back to 1st Armoured Regiment in April 1969. Just eight months later in December 1969 Dudley was posted as the SSM of 1st Forward Delivery Troop located at Nui Dat in South Vietnam. On his return to Australia In December 1970, Dudley was once again posted to the 1st Armoured Regiment as a SSM. In October 1972 Dudley was posted to B Squadron 1st Armoured Regiment (Medium Tank Trials Unit) as the SSM until June 1973 when he once again was posted as a SSM of Headquarters Squadron 1st Armoured Regiment.

Dudley finally escaped the grip of Puckapunyal (and the Regiment) when he was posted as the RSM of 12/16 Hunter River Lances (Tamworth) in February 1977.

Dudley was discharged from the Australian Regular Army in 1977 as a Warrant Officer Class. He then served for a further three (3) in the Army Reserve. Of 22 years in the Regular Army, Dudley spent a total of 15 years in Puckapunyal, the home of Armour.

Comments published in various locations include:

A great mentor and one of the reasons I joined the Regular Army.

A great bloke, always to be trusted – one of the best SSMs I served with.

Highly respected by all those with whom he served.

A fine soldier, always impeccably dressed.

May he rest in peace in the green fields beyond.