WARNING ORDER Operation Hammersley National Service of Remembrance 18 February 2020 - Update One

Hammersley 2020 Update One

This is an update on the planning for the upcoming Operation Hammersley Commemoration to be held in Canberra, 18 February 2020. This update is based on the latest information. A fully detailed outline of events is to be sent to those attending, nearer to the event.

Firstly, thanks for those 20 or so members who have registered and indicated their intention to attend. If you are still to decide, please advise as soon as possible. There is still considerable work to do, and in particular DVA need numbers for their planning. DVA winds down over the festive season and therefore as much information as possible must be provided to DVA before then.


There will be two main events that will comprise the commemoration:

Phase 1 – Wreath and Poppy Ceremony AWM Hall of Memory

This ceremony will be conducted by the AWM for RAAC members of both Squadrons who took part in Operation Hammersley and the battle of the Long Hais to specifically commemorate the loss of Barry Whiston and Hugh Carlyle during the battle.

0845hrs – wreath-layers arrive at the front steps of the Memorial and will be met by AWM staff and escorted inside for completion of wreath cards (if not done previously) and ceremony participation instructions.

0900hrs - veterans and guests/carers arrive at the front steps of the Memorial and will be met by AWM staff and escorted inside for distribution of poppies and ceremony instructions Ceremony commences at 0915hrs outside the Hall of Memory.

Full information on the above will be released in the New Year when it is confirmed.

Phase 2 – National Ceremony of Remembrance

The FUP for the National Service of Remembrance will be immediately in front of the National Vietnam Memorial on Anzac Parade. There will be no seating immediately in front of the Memorial proper. All VIPs, Official Guests and veterans, will be seated in a large marquee on the scoria median strip in front of the Memorial proper for the duration of the ceremony and may be accompanied by their spouse/partner/carer. In addition to the veterans attending, it is anticipated that widows and family members of deceased (post-Vietnam) veterans of the battles will also attend the Service.

Phase 3 - Reception

Following the Service, a reception for all veterans and those accompanying them will be held at a venue TO BE CONFIRMED. In addition to the veterans attending, is anticipated that widows and family members of deceased (post-Vietnam) veterans of the battles will also attend the reception.


Canberra in February is very hot. Veterans and those accompanying them should dress appropriately. Dress Dress for veterans attending will be lounge suit, medals and beret.


There will be no tickets for this event as DVA is relying on Unit representatives requested to provide as accurate as possible, numbers of those attending the ceremony and reception.

Eligibility to attend post-Service function

This activity is not open to the public. It is for Hammersley veterans, their spouses/partners and families of those RAAC and other Hammersley veterans who have died post-the battle, VIPs, Official Guests. It is vital that numbers are as accurate as unit reps can get them in order that catering is adequate for all attendees at the afternoon tea.


Veterans and others using own transport will be at the AWM –parking limit of 4 hours applies.

Paid parking is located at the southern end of Anzac Parade at Anzac Park West and Anzac Park East. URLs for parking information on both are below



Disabled Parking

Disabled Parking will be available immediately behind the National Vietnam Memorial. A map is attached for info of any veteran that requires disabled parking. A sloped path leads up to and past the Memorial for wheelchair access.


No official accommodation has been organised; the closest hotel to ANZAC Ave is the Mercure on Limestone Avenue, just a short walk from the National Vietnam Memorial. https://www.mercurecanberra.com.au/ However, we suggest you book sooner rather than later as rooms may be limited. There are also a large number of other hotels /motels that may suit individual budgets.

Pre and Post Get Togethers

At this point in time until we get solid numbers, we cannot confirm options, suggestions and all up to date information are to be included in the final update and joining instruction.