Robert Barrie WADE, MBE passed away on Sunday 1 September 2019, aged 81 years.

Barrie was born on 29 March 1938 and he joined the Australian Army not long after his nineteenth birthday in 1957.

After the normal stint (in those days, almost four months) at 1 RTB, Barrie was posted directly to the 1st Armoured Regiment on 26 September 1957. He remained in the Regiment until 29 August 1963. During this time Barrie was trained and employed as a Clerk, Driver (AFV), Crewman Gunner Signaller and Crew Commander.

In August 1963 Barrie was posted to 2/14 QMI for approximately 12 months prior to 12 months deployment with the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam as a Warrant Officer for almost 12 months. On return to Australia in October 1965 Barrie was posted to the Regiment for around 15 months before a period of 20 months at the Jungle Training Centre (Canungra).

In early 1968 Barrie attended an Officer Qualifying Course and on completion was commissioned (6 August 1968) and posted to 2nd Cavalry Regiment for two years. In 1970 he was posted to A Sqn 3rd Cavalry Regiment and back to Vietnam with B Sqn 3rd Cavalry Regiment in November 1970. On return to Australia Barrie was again posted to the 1st Armoured Regiment where he joined the officers and soldiers of the Medium Tank Trial Unit that was trialling the American M60 and German Leopard tanks to replace the ageing Centurions. At the end of this stint, he was posted to the Armd Centre for two years before heading North to the 4th Cavalry Regiment (Enoggera). Two years later Barrie was posted back to Armoured Centre where he was the Officer Commanding Training Squadron until January 1981 when he was posted to 6th Training Group in Tasmania. Two years later Barrie was on the move again and back to Victoria where he spent two years at the Central Army Records Office.

Barrie’s officer postings included Adjutant, Regimental Duties and Officer Commanding.

Barrie resigned his commission and was discharged from the Army having completed almost 36 years full time service for his country. Barrie had been a valued member of our Association since 2005.

Barrie always had strong ties to his local community being an active member of the Flinders Gold Club, President of the local Lions Club, President of Balnarring Probus, and last but certainly not least President of the Victorian Branch of the AATTV Association.

May he rest in the greenfields beyond.