Neville Stanley Hammond JONES, passed away 17 July 2019, aged 65 years

Nev was born on 16 July 1955 and joined the Australian Regular Army when he was 25 years of age. After the normal period at 1RTB Nev trained as a Crewman Driver Signaller at Armoured Centre. He was posted to the Regiment on 9 July 81 and remained for 13 years. He then spent a number of years in both 2/14 QMI and 1/15 RNSWL.

At some stage Nev retrained as a Storeman Technical and was promoted to Quartermaster Sergeant. Nev was also posted to 1 Aviation Regiment, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, Land Warfare Centre and finally to Army Aviation Training Centre. New was discharged as a Warrant Officer Class Two on 30 September 2013 having completed 33 years of service.

During his service Nev spent three (3) months on exchange with the British Army as well as five (5) months in East Timor.

Nev was very highly respected by those with whom her served and there appear to be endless stories of his permanent smile, his ability to solve problems particularly with the Lomardini pump and fuel bladder. He would also appear that he had a unique ability to locate goods and materials to which the unit may not have been entitled. Stories of stripping, maintaining and repairing a ‘Ducati’ motorcycle in his room on the second floor in the barrack block is perhaps surpassed by building a mock-up of a motorcycle from parts scrounged at the Woomera Tip whilst on exercise.

One of Nev’s friends wrote, ‘Highly regarded by all with whom he served across all corps. Held in high esteem by his superiors, subordinates and indeed with all those with whom he worked or know him.‘ A former Troop Sergeant wrote, ‘Nev was a wonderful bloke who always smiled and was a bloody hard worker. I learnt much from Nev and appreciated his knowledge and ability to solve problems.’

May he rest in the greenfields beyond.

(Thanks to Peter Duncombe and Dutchy Soutar for background of Nev’s life in the Regiment)