Norman Leonard (Len) Allen passed away 10th March 2019

Norman Leonard (Len) Allen passed away 10th March 2019

Len Allen joined the Australian Army on 4 November 1957 and after four months at Recruit Training (1RTB) was posted to the 1st Armoured Regiment on 26 March 1958. Len was trained as a Crewman Gunner/Signaller and ultimately moved into the Crew Commanders seat.

On 20 June 1966 Len was posted to 2RTB (Puckapunyal) as an instructor and no doubt helped many young soldiers in their transformation from civilian to soldier. In October 1967 Len was posted to C Squadron 1st Armoured Regiment. He served with C Squadron in Vietnam from 12 February 1968 to 11 February 1969. During the action at Fire Support Base Balmoral Len was the Troop Sergeant of 2 Troop and Crew Commander of 32A.

On return to Australia Len was posted back to 2RTB and stayed there until he took his discharge on 3 Nov 1969. Len served his country for 12 years.

Len was a highly respected member of the Armoured Corps as well as his local community (Broadford) and this was reflected in the number that attended his funeral on 22 March 2019.

May he rest in the Greenfields beyond.

Len's funeral is to be held at 11.00 am on Friday 22 March 2019 at the Broadford (Vic) RSL, 27 Murchison Street, Broadford. The burial is to be held immediately after at the Broadford Cemetery, 27 Piper St. The Wake is to be held after the burial at the RSL. All RAAC members in attendance should wear black berets and medals. A Guard of Honour is to be mounted on completion of the funeral service.

Russ James, Secretary 1st Armd Regt Assoc