Gregory Andrew SUMMERS passed away February 2019

Greg Summers joined the Australian Army in 1971 after a short stint with 4/19 PWLH in 1969/70.

Greg was initially trained and employed as a Centurion Driver in both C and B Squadrons. Greg was the inaugural recipient of the ‘Soldier of the Year’ award in 1972 – the award was the initiative of Lt Col Doc Kepper but was presented by Lt Col Bird after Doc Kepper suffered a sudden illness.

After a number of years, Greg realised his true potential when employed in the Intelligence Office at Regiment Headquarters of 1st Armoured Regiment; he performed in this capacity until 1978 or so when he corps transferred to the Intelligence Corps (RA Int) after successfully completing an Intelligence Operators course. After corps transfer, Greg had a number of postings in HQ units, Military Intelligence School and Units.

Greg served overseas in Malaysia, New Zealand and East Timor. Greg separated from the regular Army as a Warrant Office Cl 2 in 1997 after 27 years’ service but remained with Active Reserve (both full time and part time) until 2012.

Greg was highly regarded as a young soldier in his time at the 1st Armoured Regiment and it is believed that this carried for his remaining time in the Australian Army.

Greg’s funeral is to be conducted in Thailand according to Thai rituals on Wednesday 27 February 2019.

May he rest in peace in the greenfields beyond.