Ambrose Crowe passed away Thursday 6th September 2018

It is with great sadness that I advise that Ambrose Crowe has passed away around dawn this morning (6th September 2018) after a short illness. Ambrose was a National serviceman who served in the Australian Army from July 1966 to July 1968. During this time he was posted to 2 troop, C Squadron 1st Armoured Regiment and deployed to South Vietnam where he was involved in the battle at FSB Balmoral.

Some time after discharge from the Army Ambrose became a mature age student at Monash University where he followed the passage of legislation in USA acknowledging the harmful effects of the defoliant “Agent Orange” commonly used in SVN. This became a cause celebre for Ambrose, who, in assisting the recognition of the Agent Orange problems in Australian veterans, wrote a book “The battle after the war” which became the basis of a thesis for which Ambrose was awarded a PhD.

Thirty years on, the source of the story revisited. The author at left with fellow veterans Peter Hutton, Peter Lukeis and Errol Driver standing on what remains of Luscombe air strip at Nui Dat. The area has regenerated during the past 30 years since spraying ceased, to such an extent that the tarmac is almost overgrown. The Vietnamese in the picture is a former Viet Cong Soldier who acted as our guide

From the late 80’s Ambrose enjoyed fellowship at Beaumaris RSL, became a committee man and trained as a pension’s advocate where he did Stirling service for the WW2 and subsequently SVN veterans. For his dedication and results he received a state award from RSL Victorian HQ.

RIP my good mate.

Funeral details are as follows.

Time: 2pm Wednesday 12th September 2018

Place: Boyd Chapel

Springvale Cemetery

Springvale VIC 3171

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