This is a call to arms.

It relates to changes in Advocacy training which flowed from the 2014 Rolfe Review into the Training and Information programme (TIP Training) which was previously delivered.

I appreciate the fact that as discussed at each of our AGMs, Member Associations are welfare-focused primarily amongst their own membership bases to the exclusion of undertaking actual TIP work. The preferred strategy as acknowledged is for member Associations to use referrals to ESOs (e/g/ the RSL or VVAA) which practice Pensions/Welfare matters and Advocacy at VRB/AAT level. I accept and respect that approach.

However the time is nigh where those Advocates and Pensions/Welfare officers are now taking down their shingles after 30 years or more at the coalface of fighting for veterans and veterans’ families, due to the ageing process, health and exhaustion. It is time to seek the involvement of younger vets to take up the torch and continue this very worthwhile and vital function.

You have the youth, imagination, knowledge of issues based on your service, drive and incredible insight into the needs of younger veterans and the issues and challenges confronting them and their families

That said, I urge younger members to consider taking up a role as a Pensions/Welfare Officer or Advocate, in the hope you may be of a mind to undergo the new regime of training or where necessary if operating under the TIP system, to possibly undertake RPL.

I recommend for further information that you visit the ADTP’s URL at…/advocacy-training-and-development-… which contains a wealth of information about the ATDP

Hopefully, this link to all members within your entity will help to ensure everyone has the same level of understanding of the programme as this will help to quell concerns about the changeover.

If any of you has any questions or concerns that are not addressed by the information on the DVA website, then you are urged to contact so the ATDP can respond and address your questions and concerns.

SERVING MEMBERS There may also be an opportunity here for serving members of the RAAC who are preparing for discharge/retirement and who might like to make use of their considerable skills, in possibly undertaking some form of training in this area. Dissemination to any interested members would be appreciated.

Believe me when I say, we need you badly as younger generation Advocates to assist contemporary veterans and their families navigate the treacherous shoals of MRCA 2004.

I urge those ex-serving members who are interested, to give this serious consideration.

There will, as I have been informed by Mr Trevor Kay Director of Rehabilitation and Support - DVA, a series of travelling road shows related to the new ADTP process, commencing in the New Year. Trevor has committed to sending me a schedule of sessions, which I’ll send out once it is received.