Project Encompass (Nominal Roll Project)


Gentlemen, Over the last 13 or so months Dick Stanios and I have been provided details of around 11,500 former members of 1st Armoured Regiment; however this is likely to include a significant number (greater than 2,000) of possible duplicates, triplicates, etc. Our major sources of information include:

  • Paper copies of Nominal Rolls (1987 to 2014) provided by John ‘Tubby’ Brooker (Note 1) 8,511

  • Contact Tank ….Wait Out (2013, Branagan, et al) 1,063

  • 1st Armoured Regiment Association 640

  • Individual memories (major contributors include Zeke Brooks, Tiny O’Shea, Russ James, etc) 930

  • Medium Tank Trial Unit (primarily B Sqn) Nominal Roll – provided by Norm Coleman 112

  • DVA South Vietnam - Nominal Roll (C Sqn has been completed and does include some A Sqn and B Sqn personnel) 433

  • Self Nominated 60+

(it is not possible to balance the numbers as many members have been identified through a variety of different sources) Note 1 – the nominal rolls provided by John Brooker cover 20 individual years over a period of 27 years (previously published in Tracks). There is a high degree of duplication year-on-year. ADF Records (aka Defence Archives) have formally rejected our request for electronic data of personnel records from the mid-1960s to the late 1990s. It is understood that the President of the 1AR Association is working on an alternative approach. Data collected so far includes Army Number (and PM Keys if applicable), family name, initials, given names, nick names, dates of service, appointments, sub-units and ranks held whilst in the Regiment. In addition, we are also recording some course details, family relationships (father/son and brother relationships), all of which helps us to precisely identify individuals with the same surname. Some former members are also providing us with email addresses and phone numbers but these will not be published. Former members may contact us (Russ or Dick) or the Secretary of the Association for contact details for friends and acquaintances, etc. In such cases we will always contact the owner of the information (if we have it) and seek their approval prior to passing it to any third party. Ongoing Activities include:

  • Manual capture of Nominal Rolls provided by John Brooker

  • Manual capture of South Vietnam Veterans (A Sqn and B Sqn Nominal Rolls) – DVA have been requested to provide this information electronically but have yet to answer our first email request 500

  • Review of the Nominal Roll by selected former members to verify existing names as well as acting as memory joggers for older members

  • Liaison with the membership list (email and phone)

  • Data cleansing and validation activities

  • Research of Officer records contained in ‘The Army List of Officers of the Australian Military Forces’ also known as the ‘Stud Book’, Blue Book, Burgundy Book – we have been ably assisted by Gerry McCormack in Sydney in this activity. We have also found that the ADFA Library in Canberra has volumes of the Stud Book back to 1951

Future Activities include:

  • Additional discussions and meetings with former ‘olds and bolds’

  • Liaison with 1 Armd Regt re historical records, scrap books, mess silver, mess records, collections of photos, etc

  • Liaison with 1 Armd Regt after the move to SA concerning ongoing management of data for serving personnel

  • Liaison with Head of Corps and School of Armour re historical records, journals, etc

  • Discussions with Australian Archives for records (Routine Orders Part II) for the 1950s and 1960s – a formal ‘test’ request has been submitted for two individual standard archive boxes; Australian Archives have up to 70 days to consider formal requests.

Gratitude - we would like to express our gratitude to the many people who have provided advice and assistance, as well as the names of former members over the last 13 or so months. We would also ask all former members to look for any memorabilia (particularly with names) and send electronic copies to us. Breaking News - we recently found a photo of Warrant Officers and Senior NCOs for 1976 on a 1AR Association Facebook page (original provided by WO1 Lou Walker). We would really appreciate a volunteer to coordinate the identification of personnel in the photo, particularly some of the RAEME members. We were contacted by Ian Laurie (served with the Regiment from 1957 to 1963) who has a list of names from his time in the Regiment. The list is on its way via snail mail. Yours in 1st Armoured Regiment Russ James and Richard (Dick) Stanios