Raymond John "Ray" Evans Passed away Monday 15th January 2018

Bruce Cameron An extract which says a little about him ... Corporal Bruce Scott, crew commander of the lead tank (4Charlie) exchanged a wave with the crew of the Duster as they approached. Scott was travelling to the side of the firetrail as much as possible. One of the dangers of this was that the long grass sometimes concealed obstacles, such as the tree stump on which 4Charlie bellied at this point. After being towed off by Cumper’s tank, the troop continued on their way. Almost immediately there was an explosion; 4Charlie had detonated a 16kg mine. While the turret crew were ok, there was concern that for the driver (Trooper Tony Murphy). Fortunately, it turned out that his leg was ‘on

WO2 K. (Ken) A. Richards, MM, RAAC, AATTV passed away on 9th January 2018

Ken served in South Vietnam as a WO2 from 6 Dec 1966 to May 67 at Duc My Ranger Training Centre and from Jun 67 to Nov 67, 1/7 Cavalry Squadron, Tanks and 3/7 Cavalry near Hue. RTA 6 Dec 67. While serving with AATTV, Ken was awarded the Military Medal. A copy of his citation reads as follows: Army Number: 42924 Substantive Rank: Sergeant Temporary Rank: Warrant Officer Christian Name: Kenneth Alfred Surname: RICHARDS Honour or Award: MM Warrant Officer Richards enlisted in the Australian Regular Army on 29 October 1957, and after recruit training was posted to First A

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