H.E.M.J. (Bert) Ummels - Passed away in Feb 2017

Bert was B & A Sqns from 2 Apr 1969 until 1 Apr 1970 in SVN. Following is an extract from Bruce Cameron's book "Canister 'on' Fire" 3Alpha reversed slowly, gun over the rear of the tank, Clark and Ummels peering intently into the gloom in an effort to detect any disturbance in the surface of the track to their front, 100m, 200m … nearly there! Clark recalls thinking that ‘we had almost made it across the low ground’, when, suddenly ‘the rear of the tank lifted off the ground in a massive explosion and a thick cloud of dust enveloped us. A wall of flames erupted in front of me.’ Within seconds, the whole of the rear of the tank was on fire. Looking down into the turret, all Ummels could see w

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