Vale - Colonel Graham "Curly" Templeton

Gentlemen, It is with sadness that I inform you of the death of 237688 Colonel Graham Muir “Curly” Templeton, aged 84 years. Curly was a through-and-through proud 1st Armoured Regt soldier. He served with the incomparable AATTV from 7/5/68 to 23/4/69 and during his career was also D-ARMD. It was after he finished that posting that I Curly when I marched in on posting from 2 Cav to HQ 2 Div in June 1980 where he was the A-Commander to the late Maj General Kelvin Murray QC. I loved the way he welcomed myself and Sgt Mal Hundt 8/12 Med Regt RAA, to our new posting with 2 ARRLS; “Gentlemen welcome, its great to see two professional solders from two senior Arms Corps in this place especial

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